King's Lynn Port Tidal Information

Copies of the 2017 annual predictions in booklet form at 2.00 each are available from the Harbour Office. For postal orders please enclose a stamped addressed envelope (LARGE STAMP for more than 1 Booklet ) and a cheque made payable to the King's Lynn Conservancy Board.

Predictions are produced by National Oceanography Centre.

Liverpool , UK. Copyright Reserved ©

Heights given are heights above King's Lynn Dock Sill. This Datum is 0.7 metre below Chart Datum King's Lynn or 3.75 metres below Ordnance Datum Newlyn.


Tidal Curves -  King's Lynn

The time is given for High water at King's Lynn followed by the predicted height in metres and feet above Dock sill.

Low water at King's Lynn is approximately 4 hours to High Water

CAUTION The Predicted Height can be effected by prevailing weather conditions, such as a strong southerly  wind can have the effect of reducing the actual high water height and make the tide late, whilst a strong Northerly wind can have the effect of Increasing the actual high water height and make the tide early.

King's Lynn to Denver - Bridge clearances.

To calculate the minimum clearance under the bridges at high water deduct the height of the tide from 9.15 metres.

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